How I got started in ColdFusion

Those of you who read my posts, know that I don’t usually blog in English, but this time I’m willing to make an exception. This is because Steve Briant came up with an idea very close to my heart.

He said that on the first of August we all should post the story of how we got started with using ColdFusion. Because I’m a ColdFusion enthusiast myself, I wanted to post my story here.

It all started about two and a half years ago, when I was having a discussion with one of my colleagues. He told me that he had the opportunity of working with ColdFusion a while back when he was working in Canada.

He said it was really neat, because of the custom tags and other features, but he found it a bit limited. Bare in mind, he was working with CF5, or something like that.

Nevertheless, he got me curios about what ColdFusion is all about. So I looked it up on the internet and found out that ColdFusion 8 was recently released (more or less). Anyway, the community was still excited about the new features it brought.

I continued searching the internet and found a big community posting loads of articles on the subject. In addition, Adobe TV had some great video tutorials on ColdFusion.

I fell in love with ColdFusion because it was very well optimised for doing more things with less code. I found out that things that I have been doing in PHP via libraries (custom wrote), could be done with one tag that takes a few parameters.

Bare in mind that jQuery was very far from where it is now and HTML 5 was a Sci Fi dream. The <cfform> tags (and all of the derivative tags) blew me away, as did the <cfajaxproxy>. It was a revelation for me.

I’m not going ramble on about all the tags I like. One more thing. The minute CF9 was released, and ORM was built into ColdFusion, I knew that was it.

Sadly, I have yet to develop a project in ColdFusion. I have managed to learn the language though, and I keep reading about it and trying new things as I discover them.

A big thank you goes to Ray Camden who’s blog posts I read all along, and who actually helped me out a couple of times when I got stuck.

Daca ti-a placut acest articol, poti sa-l dai mai departe folosind butoanele din stanga.

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